Upcoming Events

    • 2021-10-29
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Virtual

    Lorraine will outline the latest plans in Durham Region around the current and future bus rapid transit network known as Pulse. She will discuss initiatives around implementing TOD, and how it is helping to shape development in the Region.

    Lorraine has worked nationally and internationally, in the public and private sectors, leading key components of major development initiatives, from UNESCO world heritage sites and former military bases to the Pan Am Athlete’s Village, and the ECLRT in Toronto. She led the development of Metrolinx's Market Driven Transit Oriented Development Strategy. Currently, she is currently leading Durham Region’s role in the implementation of a TOD Strategy that capitalizes on the benefits of rapid transit investment.

Past Events

2021-09-24 Big Moves and Little Moves: Advancing Sustainable Transportation in Hamilton, presented by Brian Hollingworth, Director, Transportation Planning and Parking, City of Hamilton
2021-06-25 Searching for the right way to use a right-of-way: What on-street Covid-19 responses remind us about the nature of transportation corridors, presented by Michelle Berquist, Manager of Area Transportation Planning, City of Toronto
2021-05-28 Overview of Expansion Prioritization for Highways, presented by Susan Nichol, MTO
2021-04-30 Overview of TTC as the Operator of the Toronto LRT Program, presented by Sean Fuller, Head of LRT at TTC
2021-02-26 Highway 401 and 409 Rail Tunnel: Constructing a twin tunnel structure under 21 live traffic lanes, presented by Franca Costantino, Mike Bradley, and Josh Manning
2021-01-29 Overview of the New Union Station Bus Terminal, presented by Anthony Pezzetti, Metrolinx
2020-11-27 How Technology is Shaping the Future of Transit, presented by Hamish Campbell, Country Manager at Via On-Demand Transit
2020-10-30 Automated Shuttle Trial & Transportation Innovation Zones – Updates from the City of Toronto, presented by Lindsay Wiginton, RPP, MCIP
2020-09-25 Runaway Train, presented by Stephen Wickens, Transportation Researcher and Historian
2020-07-24 City of Mississauga Rapid Transit Update, presented by Jerry Che Manager, Rapid Transit City of Mississauga
2020-02-28 Managing Public Digital Infrastructure: Ensuring Citizens Benefit from Smart Technologies, presented by Kurtis McBride, Co-founder and CEO of Miovision
2020-01-31 Understanding the Role of the City of Toronto Transit Expansion Office, presented by Derrick Toigo, Executive Director, Transit Expansion Office, City of Toronto.
2019-11-29 Greater Toronto Area West Transportation Corridor Study Update, presented by Rina Kulathinal, Area Manager, Route Planning & Transit Initiatives, Ministry of Transportation
2019-10-25 TTC's 5-Year Service Plan & 10-Year Outlook, presented by Stephanie Simard Craig, Senior Planner – System and Policy, Strategy and Service Planning Department
2019-10-04 Infrastructure Ontario Market Update 2019
2019-06-20 Tour: Whitby Rail Maintenance Facility
2019-05-31 Tested By Fire: Remembering the Mississauga Train Derailment
2019-04-26 An Introduction to the Port Lands Flood Protection Enabling Infrastructure Project
2019-03-01 Toronto Pearson's Regional Transit and Passenger Centre
2019-02-01 Preparing for Automated Vehicles at the City of Toronto
2018-11-30 Mississauga’s Transportation and Transit Initiatives – The Year of the Master Plans
2018-11-02 Keeping a Transit System Safe: How GO became Guardians of the Journey for 72 Million Passengers
2018-10-05 Union Station Progress Update,
2018-06-21 Tour: King Street Transit Pilot Project
2018-05-25 Ontario's Value Process - Modern Project Delivery (AFP)
2018-04-27 The 2041 Regional Transportation Plan: From Plan to Making it Happen
2018-03-02 Vision Zero in Canada, presented by Pamela Fuselli
2018-01-26 King Street Transit Pilot: Moving People More Efficiently, Supporting Business, and Improving Public Space
2017-11-24 High Speed Rail in Ontario - An overview of the findings of the Special Advisor’s Report and update on the current status of the project, with Steven Levene, Director, Major Rail Project Office, Ministry of Transportation.
2017-10-27 Leveraging public infrastructure procurements to drive local social and economic impacts, presented by Jon Elkin, Vice President of OMX.
2017-09-22 Dundas Connects - A master plan for rapid transit and intensified urban development for Dundas Street in Mississauga, presented by Andrew Miller, Strategic Leader, City of Mississauga
2017-06-16 Tour: York University Station with Joanna Kervin, Director, Third Party, Planning, and Property, TYSSE
2017-05-26 Managed Lanes - Some Like It HOT, presented by Bronwyn Cuthbertson, Manager, HOT Lanes Pilot Office, Ministry of Transportation
2017-04-21 Transportation Priorities in Toronto, presented by Barbara Gray, General Manager, Transportation Services, City of Toronto
2017-02-24 PRESTO, Transforming the Way our Region Moves, Presented by Kim Hopps Director, Client Management and Business Development at PRESTO
2017-01-27 Future of Urban Mobility by Private Cars, presented by Brett Chang, Public Policy Associate, Uber Canada

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